I'm an Experimental and theoretical Physicist working in quantum optics/plasmonics, metamaterials and quantum information science/communication. My research is mainly focus on the emerging field of quantum nanophotonics, which involves the control of light and its interaction at the quantum level. This has application in quantum communication and quantum computing, sensing, imaging, military security. Quantum plasmonics opens up a new frontier in the study of the fundamental physics of surface plasmons and the realization of quantum-controlled devices, including single-photon sources, transistors and ultra-compact circuitry at the nanoscale.

I'm also interested in Luminescece (Dosimetry) and Experimental Solid State Physics/Instrumentation. Luminescence is the process by which light of a certain wavelength is emitted from previously irradiated materials, mostly insulators and semiconductors when heated or under exposure to light at a different wavelength.

I'm also a web component developer/appilcation developer.

  • Researcn Interest

    Quantum Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Quantum Information Science/Communication, Optical Imaging/Sensing, Optics engineering, Luminescence, and Web Component Developer/Application Development.

  • Uriri Solomon A.

    PhD Candidate at the Center for Quantum
    Technology, School of Chemistry and Physics, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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